• Active since 2013, Red Black is a fast-moving, innovative investment company.
  • With many years of extensive and intensive investment experience in private and public companies, our core goal is long-term capital growth.
  • We partner and work actively with our portfolio companies to achieve that.
  • Across Continental Europe we target opportunities where we can deploy Euro 1 to 10m per single investment in majority or minority transactions.
  • Investment circumstances and conditions are thoroughly evaluated upfront.
  • We privilege opportunities where
    1. technologies improving industrial processes and solutions can be exploited
    2. distinctive consumer products can be extended and also supported by digital tools, and
    3. retail footprints can be expanded as well as leveraged to increase market penetration and amplify customer experience.
  • Expansion plans are subject to due diligence and ultimately articulated in detail for the benefit of all partners with the goal to match opportunities with capital as well as relevant and available talent.
  • Rules of engagement are clear and easy to adhere to and governance is combined with short-, medium- and long-term incentive plans.
  • Methods, processes and technologies are organized to be applied diligently and effectively.
  • Returns are pursued actively for long-term value creation.